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1901 Livestock Co.

Our Mission 

At 1901 Livestock, our vision for our livestock enterprise is centered around understanding our customers' needs. We strive to build upon their strengths in order to maximize their marketing programs. By offering our customers a variety of options for marketing their livestock and implementing strategies to manage risks in today's interactive online world, we aim to provide them with the tools they need for success.


While we embrace the convenience of the online marketplace, we understand that the livestock business is still fundamentally a handshake business. Building strong relationships with our customers is at the forefront of all our interactions. We value the trust and connection we establish with each customer.


As a company, we are committed to taking livestock marketing to a new level of excellence. We achieve this by creating simple yet engaging and attractive interactive content that resonates with sellers and buyers alike.  At 1901 Livestock, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions that empower our customers in the livestock market.

Our Services


Online Classified Marketing

A marketplace for the seller that wants to set his or her own price. 1901 will vet all buyers and sellers and handle all monetary transactions in order to limit fraudulent activity. The ad will run for 30 days at that point if the animals have not sold, they can either go to auction or be taken off the site. If the cattle go to auction it will be a no reserve auction with the starting bid as the last bid offered on classified section.

Livestock & Hay Auctions

Breeder influence sales + production sales

Let 1901 Livestock Co.

help move your Seedstock business into the next generation of livestock marketing. These sales are focused on helping bull producers build upon their existing following and help their customers market cattle.

1901 Commission Co. will offer the following services:


All Inclusive Auctions

• Online Only Auction -

This will be a click to bid Auction. With an introduction from your customers 1901 will go out and handle the listing, advertising, money collection/ payment and load out.


• Online Start w/ Live Auction Finish -

Live Auction Close we will help facilitate the event from location,

catering, auctioneer/ring men, etc. We want to help capture the

fellowship and build relationships

with new and old customers.

Ranch Marketing

Let us help build your ranch brand awareness. Whether you market your cattle with 1901 Livestock, or the local barn let us help tell your story and set your cattle apart from the rest. 1901 along with Monster Media will help evaluate existing marketing or develop new marketing and advertising strategies that will help get your livestock business the notoriety that it deserves.

Risk management

1901 along with Crop Insurance Solutions will help advise your farm/ranching enterprise on risk management strategies to help balance the volatile markets and protect operation for years to come.

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