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What do you have to market?

Auction or consignment

  • We will work with you to put your hay crop in the most convenient and marketable package.

  • All Hay (Alfalfa, Grass...) will be sold on a per ton basis. Hay sampling may be required.

  • All Crop residue (Corn Stalks, Straw, Bean Stubble) will be sold on a per bale basis.

  • We handle the money collection, and the seller will receive payment within 3 business days of final weigh out.

Buy with Confidence!

Buy from the convenience of your home or office.

  • Our Reps will be in the field relaying all pertinent information back to you the buyer.

  • Full payment is required within 24 hours of the sale via ACH or Wire Transfer.

  • All hay will be sold FOB(unless otherwise stated) and we will work to help coordinate load out with seller.

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